DVD Review: Stargate Universe: The Complete Final Season

Created by Brad Wright & Robert C. Cooper
Starring Robert Carlyle, Louis Ferrerira & Ming-Na

Stargate started as the 1994 film directed by Roland Emmerich, it was a fun forgettable sci-fi that has left a remarkable impact on modern culture. The film has since been adapted in to 4 different TV shows, Stargate: SG1, Stargate: Atlantis, Stargate: Infinity and most recently Stargate: Universe. The series follows the adventures of the lost crew aboard the starship Destiny. In season 2 we have the thrilling conclusion to the two parter that ended season 1, but sadly from there it all goes down hill. Whilst some episodes are fun (Hope and The Hunt were the two that stood out for me) I just felt something was missing about this series.

The performances are all strong and it is a shame that this is the final season of the show as it would have been interesting to see how the cast would continue to work together over a longer period of time. Special mention goes to Robert Carlyle, who not only offers a strong performance in the lead role but also shows of his directorial skills on the episode Pathogen, a fine show indeed. The show is specifically for fans only, nobody should be jumping into this without previous knowledge of the Stargate world, but for what it is, it’s definitely fun.



The behind the scenes of the season finale is the real highlight here, it’s great to have a doc looking at just one episode (though there may have been better episodes to look at). The commentaries are fun and informative as are the making of featurettes. The character featurettes are quite pointless if you’re already a fan since you should already know most of what they say. Not a bad round up, but leaves you wanting more


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