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Film Review: Inside Out

Inside-Out-Official-PosterDirected by Pete Docter, Ronaldo del Carmen

Starring Amy Poehler, Bill Hader, Lewis Black

Hype. You can’t get away from it in our rolling-news obsessed, celebrity driven culture. You certainly can’t get away from it whenever the latest Disney-Pixar animation is released. In fact, if you think about it too much, it’ll just lead to anger. It’s a no-win situation; if the film is great, you’re expecting it to be so; if not, well, that’s another trip ruined.It’s enough to drive anyone to sadness.

In fact, if you consider it too much, you’d never take a trip to the cinema again, you’d be so laden with fear. Will this film really be as jaw-droppingly awesome as I’ve heard it is? Even worse, if you tell all your colleagues, family and mates how dope the movie is, only to be unpleasantly surprised, the looks of disgust on their faces will say it all. It’s a complicated lark, this film viewing business. So I’ll cut to the chase, and put this convoluted metaphor out of its misery; Inside Out is worth the hype, every single last obnoxious drop of it.


Film Review: Magic MIke XXL

magic-mike-01-435Directed by Gregory Jacobs

Starring: Channing Tatum, Joe Manganiello, Matt Bomer

They say never go back, don’t they? Never retread old ground. But you see, I quite enjoyed Magic Mike the first time around, and so did a hell of a lot of other people. 167 million one dollar bills isn’t bad, as takings for stripper movies go. A sequel was inevitable. That said, the initial reviews about Magic Mike XXL I’d heard weren’t that impressive, so I wasn’t expecting great things from this movie. How wrong I was.

Whereas last time around, the plot centred on Channing Tatum’s eponymous character mentoring a green Adam (Alex Pettyfer), plus falling in love with said Adam’s sister (a disapproving Cody Horn), in XXL, Mike has long left the world of male entertainers behind, to contentedly run his own bespoke furniture business. Of course, any movie with Tatum in it would probably fare well at the box office, even if it was just two hours of recycled-driftwood dining table deliveries. Nevertheless, the interest is piqued when Mike decides to rejoin Xquisite Nightclub’s Kings of Tampa for ‘one last ride’ at the Strippers’ Convention in Myrtle Beach.