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Film Review: The Levelling

levellingDirected by Hope Dickson Leach

Starring Ellie Kendrick, David Troughton

Clover (Kendrick) never wanted to go back home, but the news of her brother’s death forces her to return. However, her arrival opens painful wounds for family and friends alike, particularly her troubled father.

Set in the aftermath of the devastation wrecked upon Somerset by the flooding of 2014, director Hope Dickson Leach‘s acutely observant feature debut subverts the typically kindly, bucolic countryside of The Archers by instead capturing it’s ennui in unsettling, semi-hallucinatory fashion. and adding a sinister aspect to those signifiers of England’s green and pleasant land.

This is where The Levelling really scores – in its depiction of country life beyond the pages of Horse & Hound. Evoking a strong sense of place and a stronger sense of the complex bonds that simultaneously keep families together and threaten to tear them apart, the film presents an engrossing portrait of the hardscrabble nature of modern rural life.