Welcome to ScreenGeeks UK, a sister site to ScreenGeeks where we discuss movies, TV and various other things that we love, just like the main website, only this time we have loveable British accents.

Jonah Mayfield

Jonah is the Editor of SGUK and, if you were to judge him solely from his reviews, you may think he was a sour and hardened individual. On the contrary, he’s merely a fresh-faced Film and TV graduate who sees the world through rose-tinted glasses (that’s ‘rose-tinted’ not ‘Real D’) and has a keen interest in carving out his own career path in the industry. He’s partial to any genre as long as an engrossing story is told but sadly he must live in a world where that is currently a rarity.

Jack Gregson

Jack digs all types of movies though comedy is his main area of expertise (along with an encyclopaedic knowledge of Dawson’s Creek). His turn ons are dark comedy, heart warming romances, flamboyant musicals and genre hybrid science fiction, his turn offs are Adam Sandler movies (excluding Funny People and Punch Drunk Love), giant robots, violence that takes itself seriously and Two and a Half Men. Here’s a little clip of Jack doing what he does best.

Ramsey Hassan

Ever since Jurassic Park struck a six-year-old Ramsey Hassan like a projector-beamed bolt from the blue, sending him dashing home from his local Odeon, his head buzzing in celluloid ecstasy, he knew that a fair weather movie fan had now turned into a lifer.

 Emma Whitney

I’m a 24 year old wannabe writer who has been known to engage in other dubious activities apart from watching the Twilight films, such as supporting Manchester City and helping to wash medieval skeletons (no, seriously. I’ve supported City since I was seven). Given my natural inclination to be a wimp, I tend to avoid all things gore-filled and depressive, plumping instead for the saccharine, cockle-warming, life-inspiring kind of movie. I’m getting more and more into ‘foreign’ film these days (thank-you, Stafford Film Theatre), and consequently am aiming to broaden my silver screen diet past all things HP and Richard Curtis.

Jamie Levitt

The hardest working liar on the planet. Also a film reviewer and writer.

 Louis Baxter

Louis is SGUK’s own TV encyclopedia and also has an extensive knowledge of all things film. The Manchunian keeps his finger on the pulse of contemporary cinema and is responsible for the bulk of general release reviews. If you receive the Baxter seal of approval consider yourself lucky.